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DBS Altitude Card Card Review (2024)

The DBS Altitude Card is a remarkable entry-level credit card tailored for individuals with a passion for travel. Offering DBS Points that never expire and enhanced rates for travel-related spending, it stands out as an excellent choice, particularly for younger earners seeking to accumulate miles.

Updated: 29 Feb 2024

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card


  1. DBS Points Never Expire: Unlike some other rewards programs, DBS Points accrued with the Altitude Card do not have an expiration date, providing cardholders with flexibility and peace of mind.
  2. Flexibility in Redemption: Cardholders are not restricted to a single frequent flyer program, allowing them to convert their DBS Points into various airline miles, including KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, Qantas Points, or AirAsia BIG Points, catering to diverse travel preferences.
  3. Accelerated Miles Earning Option: For those seeking to expedite their miles accumulation, the Altitude Card offers an option to earn additional miles at an accelerated rate for a nominal 2% fee, providing flexibility in managing miles accrual.
  4. Up to 10 MPD on Travel-Related Spending: With impressive rates of up to 10 miles per dollar spent on travel-related transactions, including flights and hotel bookings, the Altitude Card facilitates rapid miles accumulation, making it an attractive choice for frequent travelers.


  1. No Complimentary Travel Insurance: Unlike some premium travel credit cards, the Altitude Card does not offer complimentary travel insurance coverage, which may be a drawback for individuals seeking comprehensive travel protection.
  2. Cap on Flight and Hotel Bookings: There is a monthly cap of S$5,000 on flight and hotel bookings made using the card, which may limit the benefits for those planning high-value travel arrangements.
  3. Limited Travel Perks: While the Altitude Card provides access to certain travel perks, such as two lounge visits per year and discounts on travel expenses, it may lack the extensive benefits offered by higher-tier travel credit cards.
  4. Automatic Fee Waiver Requirement: To qualify for an automatic fee waiver, cardholders are required to achieve a minimum annual spend of S$25,000, which may pose a challenge for some users.

Current Promotion:

New applicants can benefit from a promotion offering up to 37,000 Miles with a minimum spend of S$2,000 within 30 days from the card approval date, valid until 31 January 2024.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must be at least 21 years old with a minimum annual income of at least S$30,000 for Singaporeans and PRs, or S$45,000 for foreigners. Applications can be submitted via the digibank app or DBS website.

Fees and Charges:

The Altitude Card carries an annual fee of S$194.40 for the principal card and S$97.20 for each supplementary card, with a one-year annual fee waiver. Late payment charges, minimum monthly payment, and other fees apply as per standard credit card terms.

MPD Rates and Other Benefits:

The Altitude Card offers competitive rates of up to 10 miles per dollar on travel-related transactions, making it an attractive option for frequent travelers. Additional benefits include access to airport lounges, exclusive Visa deals, and a renewal bonus of 10,000 bonus miles upon payment of annual fees.

Comparison with Other Cards:

In comparison to other entry-level miles cards, such as the Citi PremierMiles Card and UOB KrisFlyer Card, the Altitude Card offers competitive MPD rates for overseas and travel-related spending, providing value and flexibility to cardholders.

Who Would Benefit the Most:

The DBS Altitude Card is recommended for individuals seeking flexibility, excellent MPD rates for travel-related spending, and the assurance of points that never expire. It caters to travelers who prioritize versatility in rewards programs and value accelerated miles accumulation for future travel endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for the DBS Altitude Card if I don’t meet the minimum income requirements?

No, eligibility for the DBS Altitude Card requires meeting the specified minimum income criteria. However, individuals who do not meet the income requirement may explore other entry-level cards with lower income thresholds.

2. Are there any limitations on the usage of the accelerated miles earning option with the 2% admin fee?

The accelerated miles earning option with the 2% admin fee allows cardholders to earn an additional mile per dollar spent on all transactions. However, it’s important to note that this option incurs a fee and is valid for the next calendar month after registration. Cardholders can opt out of this option at any time.

3. How can I redeem my DBS Points for airline miles?

DBS Points earned with the DBS Altitude Card can be redeemed for airline miles of various frequent flyer programs, including KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, Qantas Points, and AirAsia BIG Points. Cardholders can convert their DBS Points into airline miles by paying a conversion fee of S$25 per conversion. Points redemption can be done through the DBS rewards portal or mobile app.

4. Is there a maximum limit on the number of DBS Points I can accumulate?

No, there is no maximum limit on the accumulation of DBS Points. DBS Points earned with the DBS Altitude Card do not expire, providing cardholders with flexibility in accumulating points over time for redemption purposes.

5. Can I enjoy the renewal bonus if I qualify for an automatic fee waiver?

No, the renewal bonus of 10,000 bonus miles is applicable only if the cardholder renews the DBS Altitude Card and pays the annual fees. Cardholders who qualify for an automatic fee waiver by meeting the minimum spend requirement of S$25,000 per year will not be eligible for the renewal bonus.

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